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    Jennifer Cantlay

    I am an experienced British veterinary surgeon living in China, with a postgraduate qualification in Conservation Medicine and practical skills in conservation and rehabilitation of both British and Asian wildlife. My knowledge of wildlife disease and ecosystem health is highly beneficial to the application of successful conservation programmes. I currently live in Shanghai and I am looking for career opportunities in China or the Asia region.
    During my professional career as a small animal veterinary surgeon in the UK , I increased my exotic and wildlife-related veterinary skills by “seeing practice” at a variety of locations. My relocation to Malaysia in March 2012 enabled me to do voluntary work (fieldwork and veterinary-related) with both wildlife conservation and animal welfare NGOs. I wrote articles about these experiences in order to raise awareness for the NGOs work, which were featured on blogs and published in Malaysian and Singaporean magazines.
    Since living in Asia, I have become particularly interested in the infectious disease, conservation, legislative and welfare issues associated with the global wildlife trade. I developed a professional relationship with TRAFFIC Southeast Asia in order to write my Masters thesis on the investigation of the wild meat trade in Malaysia. This explored factors driving this trade and highlighted the potential zoonotic infection risks to humans (via hunting, butchering and consumption) from the species sold. Subsequently, I have contributed to producing a report highlighting this wildlife exploitation issue, soon to be published by TRAFFIC.
    In June, I will be doing voluntary veterinary work at Animal Asia Foundation’s bear rehabilitation centre in Sichuan Province China to increase my knowledge on the health and welfare problems suffered by bears rescued from the bile farming trade.
    Living in Asia for over 4 years has provided me with a much greater cultural understanding of this region and enabled some unique voluntary opportunities in wildlife conservation, animal welfare and science communication. My experience will be beneficial for organisations working in Asia, where I am now seeking employment.
    Please get in contact with me about career opportunities (either salaried or voluntary work) in China or Southeast Asian countries.

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