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Anyone that plays the GameBoy Advance Pokemon games should know about the countless save patches for these games. I have discovered a setting in VisualBoy Advance that will make these patches obsolete.

Thoughts On Root Elements In ROM Games

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DO NOT use save states to solve this problem because they will be useless after the game restarts. To fix this problem all you will have to do is follow the steps for using the vba-over.ini file in the first post. The down side is that you will have to delete you old save in order for the fix to work. Sorry but there is no other way that I have yet found that will allow you to play the game properly without problems using your existing save.

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I know you worked hard to get where you are and I really am sorry but in order for the game to save properly the fix must be appied to a fresh save file. You will have to start a new game with these setting enabled. Yes I did try this and even though it increased the save file size to 128K it still gave me a corrupt save message when I went to load my game .

Now I have not been able to play any of the games all the way through on the emulator yet so hopefully everything will work. Now if you are not using an ips patch then you are in luck . Some of you may notice the ”The 1M sub-circuit board is not installed” message after the "Press Start" screen. Well based on my last e-mail this message also shows up after beating the Elite Four.

A corrupt save message does not mean you can’t load your save but it does get annoying and this fix will help to prevent it from ever showing up again in these games. "Corrupt Save" message and/or inablility to save your game. This problem is caused by VisualBoy Advance being unable to correctly detect the the save file size of these games.

First of all make sure you do not have an into hacked version as this version of the game will crash the emulator. Other then that it basiclly has the same problem as Legacy of Goku showing a similar message when you try to play it. Watch & Download games and play them with exclusive Game & Watch emulator.

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Now You Can Play SNES Games on Your PC and Smartphone

Methods For ROM Games – An A-Z

Now until I am able to get my hand on a copy of the rom, there really isn’t much more I can say about this however, I will post a partial vba-over.ini file entry below. Hopefully this answers any questions for you Pokemon fans out there.

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