On the Frontlines of the Zika virus epidemic in the Americas

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The International Association of Ecology and Health (IAEH) and EcoHealth Alliance are proud to present a live discussion via webinar with two scientists on the frontlines of Zika virus research and prevention. Dr. Felipe Naveca is the Deputy Director of research at FIOCRUZ ILMD Amazon institute in Manaus, Brazil where he is working to develop diagnostic tests and control methods for the mosquito vector of Zika virus. Dr. Jay Varma is the Deputy Director of Infectious Disease at the New York City Department of Health and is preparing for the spread of Zika in New York City and the United States.

Presentations will include:

• Zika virus emergence and epidemiology

• Zika virus clinical infection and atypical symptoms: what we know so far

• Challenges of Zika virus laboratory diagnosis

• Alternative methods for vector control: The Brazilian experience

• How New York City is preparing the public and healthcare providers for preventing and managing Zika infections

• How New York City is adapting its mosquito control program to address the threat of Zika virus

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