IAEH president visits Umnugobi Province in Mongolia

The President of IAEH visits Umnugobi Province in Mongolia while supervising Bolor Bold, a Mongolian medical doctor at the National Centre of Zoonotic Disease, working on echinococcosis control. Umnugobi, which is the southern part of the Gobi desert in Mongolia has one of the highest incidences of echinococcosis in Mongolia. The project aims to understand current treatment algorithms of echinococcosis and then to improve clinical care. At a later stage, control at the source is foreseen, but a better understanding of the disease ecology is necessary to recognize the most important reservoirs and intermediary hosts. For example, it is not currently known what role camels play in the transmission of echinococcosis.


Jakob Zinsstag  |  jakob.zinsstag@unibas.ch

Jakob Zinsstag is deputy head of department at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and President of the IAEH. He is interested in the health of mobile pastoralists and zoonoses control in Africa and Asia. 

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