EcoHealth 2014: Connections for health, ecosystems and society

The 5th Biennial Conference of the International Association for Ecology & Health.
August 11-15, 2014
Co-hosted by Cinbiose and CoPEH-Canada and Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

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International Discussion Forum:

Ecohealth and Climate Change: Connections for Health, Ecosystems and Society
August 14, 2014
The International Discussion Forum was a combined webinar and face-to-face activity at the EcoHealth 2014 conference that focused on the Conference Statement addressing “Ecohealth and Climate Change”. The Discussion Forum involved a panel of international discussants (offsite and onsite) who addressed synergies, connections and next-steps relevant to the Conference Statement and their work. To optimise participation across time-zones, two International Discussion Forums were scheduled at different times on Aug 12, 2014. Discussants were:
•Kristie Ebi, past Executive Director, Technical Support Unit for Working Group II (Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability), IPCC/University of Washington (off-site)
•Mark Dooris, University of Central Lancashire, UK (off-site)
•Ernesto Raez-Luna, Leader of the Stakeholder Engagement Team for COP20/CMP10 (UNFCCC), Ministerial Advisor at Peru’s Ministry of the Environment (on-site)
•Colin Butler, University of Canberra, Australia (off-site)
•Carlos Corvalan, Lead Author, Health Synthesis, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, PAHO/Brasil (off-site)
•Nancy Lewis, Director, Research Program, East-West Centre, Hawaii, US (off-site)