9 Totally Free Audio Recording Shareware For Slow Computer That Businesses Use In November 2020

It lets you edit your videos, customize the music track and also do things like trimming or appending video files. If you want to, you can add video and audio effects, as well as insert transitions in the videos you edit. VSDC Free Video Editor is a more sophisticated and evolved video editor than most of the other alternatives to Windows Movie Maker. This one looks more polished, while at the same time allowing you to edit videos just as easily as Windows Movie Maker did. VSDC Free Video Editor has a lot of options and settings to play with and gives you every tool you might want or need for editing your videos at a professional level. You can work with multiple video files, you can trim, split, arrange them as you like, and you can even add subtitles if you need to. If you like video or audio effects, you can add those too.

However, it also supports adding videos from local sources such as your hard drives. Its interface is spartan, and the few available options are all easy to identify. Ezvid lets you set a title and a description for your video, a watermark image of your choosing, as well as add some background music either from a list of bundled mixes or your music files. Once you finish editing your video, you can save it with a click. Unfortunately, there are no options to choose the format or quality of the final video file, which is always saved as a Windows Media Video file with the .wmv extension. The help files are now working and I was able to create a couple of videos easily. Thank you Jacky Wu for fixing the help files and making this wonderful movie maker pro app.

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I tried many open source programs and was very disappointed and about to give up when I came across Movavi Video Editor Plus. My experience is actually that its much better than iMovie, with lot more features, and similar very intuitive user experience and quite simple interface. There’s actually no limitation to what you can do with it, sky and your creativity are the only limit.

After testing a number of programs, Adobe Premiere Elements 2021 is the best video editing software overall. Although it’s missing some newer technologies, like 360-degree video or multicam editing, it’s got an intuitive interface and a gentle learning curve, something amateur video editors will especially appreciate.

Its spare but inviting interface offers a huge array of tools, including 4K support, 360-degree video editing, multicam support, more than 2,000 effects, enhanced lens-correction tools, and 3D text editing. Windows users will also want to check out CyberLink PowerDirector 18. It’s got an impressive range of features but still manages to shape everything into an easy-to-use interface. Unlike Elements 2021, PowerDirector 18 supports 360-degree video editing. It also has more advanced audio editing tools and a larger library of visual effects.

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VideoPad Video Editor is a program with an old-school user interface that seems to have come straight from the Windows XP era. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for users who remember using Windows Movie Maker on Windows XP. Other than that, VideoPad Video Editor is relatively easy to use.

It was also quite easy to find, download and install, there are tons of tutorials and explanations, best practices and resources on the internet. Additionally, it didn’t lag even though I was using it on my laptop, preview was working seamlessly. Most other video editors, both paid and opensource are lagging on my computer and it’s been impossible for me to use preview in any other program except for Movavi Video Editor Plus. SO THANK YOU FOR THAT, you made my video editing possible. The only downside was, in fact, that I couldn’t export my video without watermark, and it took me hours to make it. I was really hoping for the possibility to save my work for the future.

VSDC Free Video Editor can work with many popular file formats, and it also supports 4K videos. Ezvid is one of the simplest and easiest video editors in the world. It is available for free, and its primary purpose is to record your screen.

  • And, probably the most prominent feature of InShot, or one of the most prominent features of this software is its effects that you can add to the video.
  • For example, there are effects that add the falling snow on your videos or give it the “ghost” effect.
  • The convenient interface of the program is combined with huge functionality.
  • Other effects will give the pulsing effect or will filezilla download bring that 90s vibe.

That said, it’s got plenty of advanced features, so professionals will also feel right at home. Works as advertised, fairly newbie-friendly, could use a little tweaking (more mouse-over labels, for one,) but really works well, records audio and video quite seamlessly! Movavi software is very easy to use, can take a standard video, and automatically clip the video into sections and apply transitional effects from one clip to another. s its name implies, Movavi Video Editor is a video editor that allows you to cut a movie from existing clips. Although it is a paid app, the developers let you download a seven-day trial version for either the Mac or Windows, which should give you enough time to explore its features and decide if they are for you. This is by far the best video editor on the market for any user, even the more advanced and experience people. I used iMovie before and was actually looking for an alternative for Windows.

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