5 Important Safety Measures Every Construction Worker Must Remember

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If you got a lot of reports the first month, and hardly any the second, it might mean issues have been resolved. Underreporting of near misses might indicate that further training, involvement, or improvements to either the system itself or its perception from staff. Blue is a safety colour and must be used for any mandatory sign requiring specific behaviour or action (eg. the safety colour on a ‘Safety Helmet Must Be Worn’ sign or a ‘Pedestrians Must Use This Route’ sign). Mandatory signs must be round, with a white pictogram on a blue background.

Infants need toys that they can shake, drop, mouth, roll, and otherwise explore with their bodies. Toddlers need toys they can push, pull, grab, fill, dump, or yank without causing major damage. Toddlers have not yet learned how to share well, so purchasing several favorite toys can help prevent a lot of behavior problems. Preschoolers need more complex materials that keep them interested for longer periods and challenge their new learning skills. You will have fewer problems if children can find universal donor blood type toys and supplies.

Label the shelves with pictures and words so children will know where to put them back. Many countries have national organizations that have accreditation to test and/or submit test reports for safety certification.

  • And yes, it’s an important measure to know when things have gone wrong.
  • You shouldn’t measure health and safety on accident statistics alone.
  • Then, through establishing baseline data and setting goals or targets you can start to take action to improve your health and safety performance.

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If an inspection fails 10 out of 100 items covered, they scored 90%. Maybe a sign was missing, an induction hadn’t been carried out, or someone didn’t have the right PPE on. If the next time that site is inspected they score 95%, you have measured an improvement. Measuring the number of near misses reported will give you an indication of whether the system has been embraced by your workforce.

The risk management to keep them safe should be proportionate to the nature of the activities. For example, you could score your safety inspections based on the number of breaches or problems that need rectifying.

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